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Name: Ariel McCoy

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Personality: She loves to have fun. Whether it's hunting, fishing, or just cooking she like to make it fun. Being born and raised in the south gave her, her chatter box skills. Talking is what she does, but if you get in her way she will hurt you. Don't like hugs or handshakes? Too bad! She only takes hunting seriously, so outside of the hunting zone she loves human contact and is the friendliest southern gal you will ever meet.

Appearance: Standing at 5'11'' weighing at 152 lbs. Her dark titian red hair goes down to her mid back and is slightly wavy, hazel eyes, and light freckles on her face. A dark brown leather cowboy hat sits on her head, a button up red and white plaid shirt that ties under her chest showing her navel which is covered by a leather vest that matches her hat, and leather pants to match the ensemble and cowgirl boots. Being from the south she carries two pistols on her holsters at each hip and an M14 hunting rifle at her back. (She also has a southern accent)

History: Ariel was born and raised in Texas, at the age of six she picked up her first pistol. Her parents brought her to every hunting trip they went on, and she became a natural. Over time she learned to cook meat and fish and how to spot sick or diseased animals. Now, McCoy sounds familiar doesn't it? Yes she is in THAT McCoy family and shows it proudly. Raised on old family tradition, if she meets a Hatfield she will not be so kind.

She was on vacation to visit family in the east when disaster struck. She is unsure if her ranch in Texas still stands, or if her family is still alive or not, so she is torn. Return to Texas looking for a ranch that might or might not be there to keep up family tradition, or actually have a chance at living.

RP Sample: "Shoot, my good hat is all dirty now." Ariel emerged from her hand made shelter, which was not pretty much a pile of branches. Building shelter was not her 'forte' and the rain during the night didn't help either. Her heat was now soaked with water. To keep it from ruining she placed in on the ground where the sun hit it perfectly to dry it. There had to be food around  here somewhere. Her stomach would scare away the animals if she didn't get food soon.
My character for [link]

Being from Texas, I gotta stick with my roots! Haha :P
CheckeredCaique Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
haha Hatfields and McCoys nice :)
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